MelOn Pass

MelOn Verification Service

Hi everyone,

We will now provide verification service to anyone who needed it/wanted to continue using MelOn streaming pass. We can’t guarantee how long can the verification last (we last did ours at least 2 years back and it’s still working fine) and there’s no guarantee that your account won’t be locked in the process (due to the ip address tracking).

*KINDLY NOTE THAT NO REFUND WILL BE POSSIBLE SHOULD YOUR VERIFICATION WERE REVOKED LATER OR YOUR ACCOUNT WAS LOCKED DURING THE PROCESS (not sure if any of these would happen but just in case if luck isn’t at your side) OR FOR WHATSOEVER REASON NOT STATED HERE (those that are out of our control).*

We will be using a Korea postpaid phone number that was registered under someone else’s name thus please DO NOT expect your verified details will be your details after verification cause nope it won’t be and we can’t magically do it for you either however much money you can pay us so you don’t have to ask.

需要中文翻译的亲们不好意思。姐的中文程度只在中下实在没办法好好把以上的翻译成正常人能看懂的中文 【汗】。总体来说就是我们现在提供印证服务啦可是印证后的个人资料会是另一个人的资料 (因为我们会用他/她的韩国后付电话号码来做印证)。

不过亲们需要知道的是,你的户口有可能会在印证过程中被锁 (因为国家IP各不同) 或者是印证后没多久又不成效了。我们这里是不会因为这些种种原因或者是这里没提到的原因进行退款所以请各位汇款前请考虑清楚。

Kindly refer to form > for more details ie: payment methods, our service date, etc.


MelOn Pass Purchase

Hi everyone,

Since MelOn app is now commonly use by k-pop fans, we decided to start helping all k-pop fans to purchase MelOn passes. We have been doing this since 2015 and you will definitely get your pass within 24hrs after payment received in our account. All type of pass is only valid for 30 days!

Before you purchase from us, please ensure that you have MelOn installed on your phone and that you have an account registered. iPhone user will need to change iTunes store to Korea store before you can download the application, as for Android user you will have to download the apk file manually. You may search for the how-to instruction/tutorial on Twitter or Google.

Please refer to table below for prices in USD ($2 Service Charges & PayPal fee inclusive) and in MYR (rounded up & credit card aka bank fee inclusive). Please note that we are accepting only USD for payment via PayPal. Kindly ensure the recipient currency is also in USD upon transfer.


Bank details and form link here >

We will send you a Twitter DM/Email to inform once we’ve purchased your pass.